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Employment Visa Cancellation UAE

What are the procedures of Employment Visa cancellation in UAE?
Required Documents for Employment Visa Cancellation UAE

+ Original Passport
+ Labour Card (Work Permit) copy (if available)
+ Original E-signature card of authorized signatory
+ Trade License copy
+ Labour Establishment Card copy
+ Immigration Establishment Card copy
+ Typed Application (Separate application for Labour & Immigration )These documents required for Employment Visa Cancellation UAE

Labour Card Cancellation Fee: No Government fee for Labour Card Cancellation (Dh103+103 service charge to be paid) at Tas’heel Centre.

Payment should be made through E-Dirham Card at Tas’heel Centre. You can Buy E-Dirham Card from any branch of National Bank of Abu Dhabi or from Aafaq Islamic Finance Company counter at Thas’heel branches.

Visa Cancellation Fee: Dh103 to be paid through Noqodi Wallet of the same company. Typing charge extra.
+ Company should have User ID and Password for GDRFA online program and cancellation can be done through typing centre without visiting Immigration counter.

+ When you cancel through online, cancelled stamp is not necessary on the passport. It will show in the system.

STEPS TO FOLLOW for Employment Visa Cancellation UAE

+ Type Labour Card Cancellation application from Tas’heel Centre and put company seal. Signature of the sponsor will come through E-signature card punching. Fee at Tas’heel Centre Dh103.
+ Employee’s signature required on labour application under his statement I certify that i received all my dues and entitlements.

Employee’s Signature: Employee should not sign before receiving his/her dues, if any.
+ Submit the signed form at Tas’heel Centre (Dh103 to be paid there).
+ Labour Card cancellation can be completed at Tas’heel Centre.

Visa Cancellation

+ Now cancel the visa through AMER Centre or GDRFA online program.
+ Visa cancellation fee at AMER Centre: Dh186 (if the applicant inside UAE)
Dh266 (if outside UAE)

If your company has GDRFA online user ID & Password, you can do it through typing centre. Fee: Dh107 (typing charge extra)
Grace Period for Visa: 30 days from the date of expiry.
Grace Period for Labour Card: 60 days from the date of expiry.
Grace Period for Emirate ID: 30 days from the date of expiry.
You must cancel your visa in the passport within 30 days from the date of labour card cancellation. You cannot fly before cancelling or renewing your visa. 30 days grace period from the date of cancellation counts from the date of Labour Card Cancellation.

Emirates ID:

No need Emirates ID for visa cancellation. ID file will be cancelled automatically along with visa. You should keep a copy of your Emirates ID for the future application. Your ID number will not change and you can renew your Card when you come on new employment visa. Biometrics will not be required next time.
Cancellation before Stamping Visa: You can cancel your visa before Medical, ID and stamping visa on your passport. First cancel your work permit file through Tas’heel Centre and cancel visa from Immigration. You cannot exit UAE before stamping or canceling your visa.
Dependents Visa:

If the applicant has dependents (spouse, children, maid) under his/her sponsorship, their visa must be cancelled before canceling sponsor’s visa in the passport. After cancellation, dependents can stay here 30 days without fine. During this period, sponsor can stamp his/her own visa and then apply for dependents visa. They can change visa inside country without exit by paying Dh1230 extra.
Applicant can stay in UAE 29 days from the date of cancellation if his visa was not expired at the time of cancellation. If the cancellation done during the grace period, remaining days will be allowed to stay without fine. If the the cancellation done during overstay period, 6 days will be granted from the date of cancellation.

Fine Dh25 per day will be calculated for Residence visa overstay.
Pay Fine at Airport: Fine can be paid at Immigration or Airport at the time of exit.

Six months Ban will be put at the time of Employment Visa cancellation if he/she didn’t complete two years with the sponsor and his/her profession is undergraduate level. . This ban is applicable for Employment Visa only. He/she can apply for Visit/ Tourist/ Transit/ Investor/ Partner/ Spouse/ Free Zone Visa. To know conditions to apply employment visa during ban period click here.

Out pass after grace period
In Dubai, If you are canceling employment visa after the grace period, you should pay Dh200 extra for out pass at the time of visa cancellation plus Dh25 fine per day. Then you should exit within one week and enter on new visa if you have got new visa. There are 29 days grace period from the date of visa expiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am on Employment visa and entered Dubai 20 days back. I have not yet completed my medical or emirates id process. Is it possible to exit UAE without visa stamping for emergency?

A: No. You should stamp your visa on passport or cancel visa directly without medical and ID. Then only you can exit

Q: Do I need to cancel Emirates ID at the time of my visa cancelation.
A: No. It will be cancelled automatically along with your visa cancellation.

Q: My contract is limited. My Labour Card expired this week but Visa will expire by end of next month. Will I get ban if I cancel now?
A: No. You need to complete only Labour Card period. Visa may be expiring after one month. That will not cause to get ban.

Q: How much time will be required to resolve the dispute if I approach the Ministry of Human Recourse and Emiratisation to cancel my visa, since my employer is refusing to cancel my visa after I gave in my resignation (which he refused to accept) and I will complete my 30 days notice period.

A: If there is no dispute regarding the dues between you and employer, and you are only approaching the Ministry of Human Recourse and Emiratisation to cancel your visa upon completion of the notice period, in this case, the cancellation procedures may be completed by the Ministry of Labour within almost two weeks.

Worker gets 30-day grace period after visa cancellation

Q: I came to Dubai on an employment visa in December 2012. However, the company I signed up for was not particularly to my liking and so I told them to cancel my visa. However, I have not been for a medical examination in this time, and the visa too was never stamped on my passport. My questions are: 1. How many days can I stay in the UAE after cancellation of my visa? 2. Shall I attract a one-year ban? 3. Is there any chance to come back on an employment visa after exiting the country in case the Ministry of Human Recourse and Emiratisation places a ban on me? Note that I had not started working at the company.

A: The questioner may stay in the country for 30 days after cancellation of his visa. A one-year ban might be imposed if the sponsor has made such a request on the grounds that the questioner has not started work with the company and thus caused a loss to the sponsor. Therefore, in the event of a ban being imposed on the questioner, the questioner may not enter the country on employment visa immediately, but only after finishing the ban (GN).

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